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Cancer Control Nutrition Plan

"While I have lost many dear loved ones to cancer, I am very fortunate to know many amazing people in my life who have been diagnosed with cancer and are living very healthy, happy lives having put their cancer behind. If you are a cancer survivor, CONGRATULATIONS! I want to empower you to live your LIFE not your cancer.

The main goal of the Cancer Control Program is to continuously enhance your body’s defense mechanism and reinforce your immune system to keep cancer under control. This is aimed to reduce the risk of relapse, metastasis, or onset of secondary therapy related cancers, OR significantly delay relapse and improve prognosis and outcomes in the event of a relapse."

- Dr. Laleh Talebian -

Step One

Complete the Form Below

Step Two

Click on the Link Below to Fill Out the Cancer Prevention Comprehensive Questionnaire

Step Three



Congratulations for taking the necessary steps to better your health and help control cancer! Dr. Laleh will be in touch with you within 48 hours. In the meantime, check out Dr. Laleh's Facebook page to learn more!

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