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Cancer Prevention Nutrition Plan

"With a strong family history of cancer, I was determined to find a better way than to just give into my genes and wait my turn.  I chose a career in cancer research with the initial goal to “cure” cancer. But I have come to conclude that the best approach is PREVENT cancer BEFORE it has a chance. Or at the very least, delay its onset, with better predicted outcomes if it occurs.

The main goal of the Cancer Prevention Program is to arm your body’s defense mechanism and your immune system to keep cancer at the door, to reduce the risk  of getting cancer, OR significantly delay the onset of genetically determined cancers, and improved prognosis and outcomes in the event of onset."

- Dr. Laleh Talebian -

Step One

Complete the Form Below

Step Two

Click on the Link Below to Fill Out the Cancer Prevention Comprehensive Questionnaire

Step Three



Congratulations for taking the necessary steps to better your health and help prevent cancer! Dr. Laleh will be in touch with you within 48 hours. In the meantime, check out Dr. Laleh's Facebook page to learn more!

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