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Are YOU at risk for bladder cancer?

Bladder Cancer Quick Facts:

Risk factors:

I- Tobacco, alcohol consumption

II- Certain Chemicals: Arsenic, chemicals used in the textile, rubber, leather, dye, paint, and print industries, and chemicals called aromatic amines

III- Some medications (pioglitazone used in treatment of Diabetes)

IV- Family history.genetics, history of HNPCC (Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer)


Myth OR Fact?

Frequent urination can increase your risk of bladder cancer

Myth: Urination frequency is related to the size of your bladder. It is not a bladder cancer risk factor.

Myth OR Fact?

Hair dyes can cause bladder cancer.

Fact: Chemicals used to darken hair used to contain a tar like compound that was shown to be linked to increased risk of bladder cancer in women. Even though modern hair dyes are made without the tar compounds and the toxicity is much less, I personally do not trust that they are completely harmless.

Myth OR Fact?

Tobacco increases your risk of bladder cancer

Fact: It is no secret that tobacco causes CANCER period. But it is certainly a big risk factor for bladder cancer.

Myth OR Fact?

Contaminated drinking water increases your risk for bladder cancer.

Fact: This should be pretty obvious but I stress this, clean water is crucial to your health in general but more importantly to your bladder health.



  • Eat a healthy diet, with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits

  • Hydrate well with clean filtered water

  • Test your water for arsenic, radon, and other chemicals.

  • LOVE you natural h

air, it is how you were supposed to look naturally so why change it. If you REALLY want to cover grays, use natural Henna.


  • Smoke

  • Drink excessively

  • Unprotected exposure to chemicals (see list above)

  • Dye your hair, you are perfect just the way you are. Grays are a BEAUTIFUL sign of wisdom.

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