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Brain Cancer: Are YOU at risk?

Brain Cancer Quick Facts:

Risk factors:

I- Exposure to certain chemicals and environmental agents.

II- Certain foods, alcohol, tobacco consumption.

III- Radiation

Myth OR Fact?

Benign brain tumors are not serious.

Myth: Brain tumors are all serious and would need attention.

Myth OR Fact?

Repeated head injuries in athletes cause brain tumors.

Myth: Although I am not a fan of contact sports where the athletes are much more at risk of head injuries, these injuries may cause cognitive and functional issues in the long run but there is no evidence that they cause cancer.

Myth OR Fact?

If your mom or dad had brain tumor, you are highly likely to develop brain tumor.

Myth: Brain tumors are rarely genetic or run in families.

Myth OR Fact?

Brain tumors are most common type of tumors in children ages 1-14 years old.

Fact: Sadly brain tumors are most common in children and kill more children than leukemia does.

Myth OR Fact?

People in certain professions are at higher risk of developing brain tumors.

Fact: Some professions put you at higher risk for brain cancer. Examples are people who work with certain chemicals like Benzene.



  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits to provide you with Antioxidants.

  • Get regular exercise to promote good circulation to your brain and the rest of your body.

  • Get fresh air regularly

  • Eat healthy fats


  • Exposing yourself to harmful chemicals to the brain: Benzene, Formaldehyde, Methanol, Jet fuel and other similar toxic chemicals.

  • Repeated exposure to rubber and materials made from rubber.

  • Most chemical preservatives.

  • Smoking

  • LIMIT or eliminate ALL grains; gluten and non-gluten.

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